We are looking for YOU! To become the technical Co-Founder in an innovative Start-Up from the area Industrial IoT!

linx4 (www.linx4.io) is one of Austria’s most innovative start-ups in the field of Industrial IoT. RIZ already awarded the start-up with the title „genialstes Start-Up (most brilliant start-up)” and several national and international awards have already been won (among others: weXelerate – Top 7, PODIM – Top 10). Now there is an exciting time awaiting the team of linx4 with enormous growth prospects and the potential to sustainably change the industrial sector.

We are now looking for an additional Co-Founder with profound software development experiences and the ambitions prosper within a start-up. Among the core areas of responsibility will be the development of a manufacturing data platform and a blockchain based data sharing infrastructure. For the on-boarding process and initial trainings we have access to all the necessary know-how and competencies from experts within their fields (including: Ethereum, IFTTT logic, Proof of Work, Cryptographic Hash Functions as well as manufacturing data collection and processing). Thus, you will receive support from field experts, who will help you to develop all the necessary skills.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Contact us at: jobs@linx4.io

Hard Facts

Bundesland: Wien
Beschäftigungsausmaß: Halbzeit bis Vollzeit
Gehalt: Firmenanteile

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