The Role

We are looking for a talented Machine Learning Engineer who strives for mathematical robustness in solutions, loves to code, will get their hands dirty with large volumes of complex raw data from which they will seek to derive meaningful and actionable insights. Our ideal candidates are self-motivated, self-directed and are happy to learn and adapt quickly. They will also be able to explore a wide range of statistical models and modelling techniques to understand and effectively break-down hard problems. ToolSense engineers appreciate the difference between explaining and fitting statistical models, can perceive common structure between superficially unrelated problems, and can use this to build tools and algorithms that drive the delivery of products which deliver customer value.

Your Responsibilities

  • Develop feature sets and insights into a wide range of data sources, including acceleration & gyroscope time series
  • Design, simulate and test existing and new machine learning algorithms for state identification
  • Convert models into a live system that can process and reach conclusions
  • Select/design/adapt, optimize and implement machine learning algorithms
  • Help bring-up and test algorithms on hardware systems
  • Contribute to continuous improvements and optimizations on existing model

Your Profile

  • Degree in Engineering / Physics / Mathematics / Computer Science or a related field
  • Experience in a data-driven environment
  • Experience in database schema design
  • Experience in building and testing machine learning models
  • Proficiency in at least one compiled language (e.g., C, C++) and one scripting language (e.g., Python, R, MATLAB)
  • Ability to understand and deliver in the presence of rapidly evolving product, customer, and business needs
  • Autonomous and solution-oriented working methods
  • Commitment to teamwork and communication of ideas, and a desire to be creative.

About us

Our Mission at ToolSense: We help our customers successfully lead the IoT market transition, we help them make data-driven, smart decisions and by creating transparency we are creating a more productive, efficient and ecological job-site.

In order to accomplish our mission we are providing construction machine OEMs with a full-stack IoT solution, ranging from hardware, edge computing, cloud, web-frontend and smartphone app.

ToolSense is the winner of the Futurezone Award “Best IoT Startup 2017”, part of Deutsche Telekom’s “hub:raum NB-IoT Warp Program”, part of SAP’s “Startup Focus Program” and part of University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna’s “Student Startup Incubator Program”.

Furthermore we offer a competitive salary and equity in the company with our employee stock option plans.

Hard Facts

Job type: full-time
Hours / week: 40 h
Salary / month: 2.400 € (+ Phantom Shares)
Location: Vienna