AVENTURA and the game of AVENTURA is a worldwide game where clients gain score-points on treasure hunt adventure travels that stretch the limits of adventure travel to date in terms of attention to detail, unique trip destinations and through the integration into the gameplay and story of AVENTURA. The game is accessible through an online platform both on desktop anobile, where participants create an avatar and develop their character both through interactive game elements offline and on trips.
 On experiential 1-21day travel treasure hunts that are integrated into the storyline of the game of AVENTURA, participants work together and compete to gather AVENTURA coins that can be used and traded in the online and offline game economy, to purchase gear, and traded against fiat currency. AVENTURA will offer and develop treasure hunt adventure travel in countries and cities worldwide. AVENTURA trips are accessible to both participants of the game of AVENTURA and people solely interested in joining the trip.

Call Out for Co-Founder / CDO AVENTURA is looking for a Co-founder / Chief Development Officer in Vienna, Austria. As this position involves work at AVENTURA at the pre-seed stage, remuneration is pending on securing investment. Investors are approached currently for pre-seed funding. AVENTURA is looking for a highly committed, professional individual that LOVES the idea of AVENTURA and can see himself or herself working in this role for years to come. This is not a volunteering role nor an internship.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Responsibilities in team with CEO / Founder.

The Co-Founder/CDO will primarily be responsible for Business Development reporting to the CEO/Founder and work in close collaboration and in support of the CEO with the following responsibilities:

Business Development at Pre-Seed level Networking and relationship building with angel investors, mentors, advisors and other partners. Establishment of processes and systems Leading volunteers, interns, and staff Sharing responsibilities in management Development of financial systems Development of Crowdfunding campaign Implementation of Token Generating event The CDO will solely be responsible for: Leadership of collaborative teams. Networking/Relationship building and maintenance with investors, partners, and other stakeholders Research in Business Development, law pertaining to Start up Development Research in Cryptocurrency and token generating events.


  • Business Development experience and demonstrated success, preferably in start up settings
  • Tourism Industry experience, preferably with qualifcations that qualify for Austrian trade license requirements for travel agencies (Gerwerbebefähigung zur Leitung eines Reisebüros)
  • Solid understanding of tourism industry, travel agencies, partners, associations
  • Understanding of Austrian and EU law pertaining to travel agencies and other service providers in tourism.
  • Leitung von Teams Exzellente Kommunikationskompetenzen Bookkeeping experience und basic accounting skills.
  • Budgeting and calculation experience


AVENTURA aims at being the best in the industry and will be the most mythic company that the world has ever seen. As a co-founder Lennard Frühling and AVENTURA are looking for someone who can meet this aspiration and will completely dedicate to AVENTURA’s vision. To become our co-founder you will have the following qualities and attitudes.

  • You believe everything is possible. You are empathetic and emotionally intelligent.
  • You believe work is supposed to be fun.
  • You work hard. You find and see solutions. You are creative and ingenious.
  • You have a Can-Do attitude.
  • You don’t stop when it gets hard.
  • You are honest and vulnerable.
  • You LOVE working in a team, you are highly collaborative and communicative.
  • You are tenacious as fuck.
  • You are highly committed, reliable, dependable, and flexible.
  • You are committed to learning and growth.

Please note: Please do not apply for this position if you do not meet all qualities listed above.

Remuneration Pending on attracting investment.

Begin and Duration: Immediate: 3 month test-period during prototype development. (“probation”).

Application: We accept applications that include CV and cover letter and other certificates and we also accept all kind of other applications. What we are most interested in is if you are the fit for the position, you can demonstrate this in any way you think is the best.