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Full Stack Developer - reduce food waste and innovate how we eat at work


SCHRANKERL is the most innovative workplace food solution in Austria. Through our smart fridges we offer daily fresh and healthy food to small-to-medium size companies and their employees. The smart fridges are based on RFID technology and are constantly online so that we can monitor the fridge content at any time. RFID labels on each product enable self-checkout in the most frictionless way.

Clients can access Schrankerl 24/7 and choose their favorite dishes among snacks, salads, food to warm up, organic drinks and snacks. The experience is exactly as if it was your own fridge at home, just always full with great ready-to-eat food cooked just for you from the best chefs in Vienna. The dishes come from the best regional food partners, reflecting the latest food trends and specific dietary wishes of our customers.


SCHRANKERL plans a different menu every week. Looking ahead, we believe that there is a large potential for automation in the planning process. We aim at exploiting predictive analytics in order to optimize planning and be ready for a fast and sustainable growth.

To this purpose we are in the process of applying for an FFG fund and we are working together with the University TU Wien and an external IT Architekt and former Head of IT at Runtastic. In addition, we intend to build up in-house technical capacities.  

Job description:

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who is eager to do the next step in his/her career. As Schrankerl Full Stack Developer, you will project with us and develop the architecture of our menu-planning tool, integrating the research of a full-time PHD Student from TU Wien about and assisted by the Professor of Computational Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics from TU.

In order to get the required FFG funding, SCHRANKERL needs your help and tech expertise for the project plan and the application at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG - Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH). Once the funds are received, you will lead the project. While you will program yourself the back-end architecture, you will also coordinate the PHD student, who will be in charge of the predictive analytics component.  Such component will have to be integrated in the main architecture. 

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer, who can develop the main architecture and in addition is willing to bring his/her leadership capabilities to the next level by coordinating and supervising other resources (the PHD student and potential additional external partners).

After this project, you will remain a key person in the SCHRANKERL team and lead any other tech-related project. 

Specific milestones of the project:

  1. High-level design of the architecture in order to receive development funds from FFG:

We have to explain our innovation plans to the FFG decision makers in a comprehensive application package. Your role will be to detail out the project from a technical perspective and help us submit a comprehensive application.

This phase is a collaborative work with our current team and the University and aims to submit the FFG application by May.  In case we are successful in Objective 1 we could proceed to Objective 2.

  1. Develop and continuously improve:

The implementation phase will start in September/October 2021. You will be the engine and driving energy of the development and focus on improving its sophistication continuously.

  1. Become the technological pillar of SCHRANKERL: 

Menu-planning tool aside, there is much more to come. While being a passionate developer, you are also willing to bring your managerial skills to the next level, by assuming the lead of multiple tech projects.

What we offer:

  • Become part of a young and energetic team as well as of a fast growing and successful startup
  • Work side by side with the founders
  • Flat organisation where every voice counts
  • Take responsibility from day one and become our Tech Lead
  • Equity package
  • work on state of the art predictive data analytics 
  • Delicious free food 24/7 from our own Schrankerl


What you bring:

  • A broad portfolio of tech skills, with special focus on back-end
  • Experience with Python preferred
  • Experience with MySQL preferred
  • Fluency in English is a must
  • Fluency in German is a plus but not a requirement
  • 3+ years of working experience as developer
  • You are eager of bringing your leadership skills to the next level by taking ownership of full projects, coordinating yourself and others, setting milestones and respective deadlines
  • You are an energetic person and a team player
  • You are creative and can bring new ideas on how to improve the current processes


How to apply: 

Send us your CV at [email protected] including “Job Application for Tech Lead at Schrankerl” as object of your email. 

Full Stack Developer - reduce food waste and innovate how we eat at work

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