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Product Manager


Calling all Product Mangers with a passion for innovation: You 're invited to join our 3-months InnoSchool program from Sep 23 to Dec 13 in Austria. 

InnoSchool brings together digital talents from around the world to create products in a lean and agile way. This is your opportunity to build and test solutions to innovative challenges. 

Our challenges focus on the #FutureOfCooking: The smart kitchen challenge asks how we might create smart drawers to improve the organization of food in the kitchen. The cooking platform challenge explores digital solutions to solve the pain points experienced by chefs in their job. 

This is your opportunity to gain the most in-demand skills, professional experience, and industry knowledge. On top , you get to work and live in the Austrian Alps. We provide a place to stay in a Coliving.Villa and scholarship of EUR 2,250. Tuition is free. 

Apply by August 15: https://innoschool.io

Product Manager

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