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Data scientist (junior) für condition monitoring/predictive maintenance

We at Senzoro believe that predictive maintenance is too complicated and too specific.

Therefore we aim to solve this problem with a number of interesting technologies (high-resolution thermal imaging cameras, ultrasound, vibration sensors etc). The first proof of concept will take place in the next months, for which we are looking for a junior data scientist as an addition to the team. At first, this is a one year contract, but there is a very good chance that we will be able to offer a permanent position afterwards.

You would be working with our senior Data Scientist (6 years experience with primarily US companies) who was already responsible for the data part of two apps that became #1 in the US App Store. Let’s not kid ourselves: The learning curve will be very steep, but there is also a lot to do.

Our requirements:

You must be able to move frictionless in one of the known data handling environments (e.g. Matlab, Python, R) and have a math/data-driven mind. We don't expect solutions on the fly, but rather to have a person that can think about the problems analytically and aim to resolve them.

What to expect (Due to the confidentiality of the project you will get further information during your first meeting):

- definition of data acquisition and data science concept together with our senior data scientist
- On-site recording of data at our industrial partners
- Development of the relevant algorithms (e.g. image recognition in the visible spectrum, audio analysis)
- The whole process will strive to be as organized as possible: Definition of Concept --> Data collection --> Proof of concept --> Test with industrial partners --> Further development of concept
- Due to its complexity, a university of applied sciences in the field of electronics will work on this topic.

Fluent English is a prerequisite.

Please send your application and CV to [email protected]



Data scientist (junior) für condition monitoring/predictive maintenance

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