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Technischer Co-Founder

Technischer Co-Founder

Contact Info: Borisav Parmakovic (LinkedIn), 0680/1515296, [email protected]

Do you have the wish to think outside of the box and to co-create a game changing virtual customs

robot, which revolutionizes the world of customs clearance? Then contact us. We give you the unique

opportunity to grow in a cutting-edge start-up and let your creativity run wild.

Issues of Forwarders seeking Digicust Solution

Customer acquisition and the increase of competitive advantage in forwarding & logistics becomes more

and more difficult. Forwarders are seeking innovations, in order to develop new solutions for cost opti-

mization, while focusing on increasing quality and customer satisfaction at the same time. Digicust offers

its customers a cutting-edge customs clearance software with which their competitiveness can be tre-

mendously improved. The result of this tool is an enormous efficiency increase in transport- and customs

clearance processes, with which in turn huge cost savings are achieved. On top of that, the virtual

customs robot Neo minimizes mistakes and provides ex-/importers a unique transport experience.

Company & Product

Digicust dedicates its work towards the realization of an innovative customs clearance software and a

virtual customs robot in order to support customs agents in their work but to also gradually automate: -

the fill-out of customs declarations,

▪ the control of customs documents, and

▪ the submission of customs documents to ex-/importers and customs authorities.


The development is achieved by several technologies, such as deep and machine learning (unsuper-

vised/supervised and reinforcement training), OCR & NLP, software rules, plausibility investigations etc.

Team & missing Team-Members

Currently, we are 4 co-founders. One is the CIO of a huge forwarding company, another one is a spe-

cialist in mergers & acquisitions as well as in investor relations, the third one is a marketer and there is

me a specialist in logistics, forwarding, customs clearance, and digital business. For the realization of

Digicust, we are seeking 2 additional co-founders, but technical ones. Also, one has the chance to

become one of the 3 managing directors (the marketer, me and one place still left), if this is wished by

the co-founder.

Contact Info: Borisav Parmakovic (LinkedIn), 0680/1515296, [email protected]


▪ defined product requirements,

▪ a clear vision and plan for further development,

▪ UX-prototypes, process prototypes, already prepared use cases, lots of data and some codes,

▪ started the collaboration with research institutions RISC and SCCH,

▪ business, marketing concepts, potential customers (Gebrüder Weiss and Niceshops),

▪ 70.000,- € own equity,

▪ the possibility to receive bank loans up to 230.000,- €,

▪ an ongoing agreement with accent for its HighTech Incubator.

Next steps:

▪ Send application for 12.500,- € innovationchek at the middle of February from FFG and receive in


▪ start technical scope prototypes at the beginning of March,

▪ Funding from accent in the amount of 18.700,- € at the end of March,

▪ Send application for approximately 500.000,- € at the end of March or April for the FFG Basispro-


▪ Search Investor in September/October or even later.

CTO and CAIO Roles

▪ Coordination of the whole planning with me and research institutions,

▪ set programming languages, frameworks etc. (e.g. Python, Tensorflow, React etc.),

▪ starting to develop the technical product/prototype in February/March,

▪ Getting another technical co-founder on board, further development with her/him together,

▪ at least Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related study program as well as at least junior

level skills in programming,

▪ at least 20h per week, once fundings or payment available full-time.

▪ will, talent and motivation to change the world of customs clearance.

Payment of CTO / Co-Founder:

▪ shares,

▪ payment with fundings, own money,

▪ up to 75% of your last salary for 6-12 months paid by AMS founders’ program (if unemployed).

Working Place:

▪ office at Krems, St.Pölten, Schwechat (close to Vienna) or Vienna (at Politische Akademie)

▪ Remote work necessary.

Technischer Co-Founder

Co-Founder, Teilzeit, Vollzeit
Doktorat / PhD

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