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I am looking for a Co-Founder with knowledge in the mobile application development lifecycle along with a business strategy & creative mindset. This will be very product-focused at first ensuring the development of a quality application through managing a dev. team. As this is a fresh Start-up, the role will be variable at times.

Primary Activities:

  • Provide suggestions on amendments to current product layout, features, & functionality
  • Manage the mobile application development lifecycle (direct our UX/UI Designer, Android Developer & Web Developer), setting requirements, goals, and timelines.
  • Support in business model development & strategising discussions

If you think you know how to manage the creation of a complex social media application while also being business savy, innovative & personable, I'd love to connect!

Given the inherent bootstrapping requirements of a group-up start-up, I am offering equity-based compensation, ranging from 23% - 28%.  

I have developed a pitch deck, including illustrations of the application layout (user journey) & business model and now in the team-mobilisation phase. Once our team is formed, application development will begin. I have a BA in Global Economics, MSc in International Business, Cert. in Business Accouting as well as 4 years experience in Management Consulting at a Big4.



Veröffentlicht am 02.09.2020