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Chief Development BADAS

Chief Development BADAS

        BADAS - Chief Development BADAS  

BADAS overview: 

BADAS offers half-day hour to 3 week-Immersive Adventure Travel Treasure Hunts starting
with a series of three half-day adventure travel treasure hunts in and around Vienna, Austria.
Each treasure hunt is integrated into the BADAS game. Through immersive and interactive
adventure travel treasure hunts, venturers ) aged 12+ experience adventures that will bring
them to their limits physically, emotionally and mentally on which they discover the most
beautiful places on earth and beyond. Venturers score points that they can use on their next
treasure hunts, and collect clues. As soon as venturers have finished their first trip you
become part of the BADAS Society and global community. Venturers on BADAS trips are
connected to the magic in everything: in the natural environment and in the places and
cultures they visit.
Facilitated through BADAS Facilitation venturers connect with themselves and everyone
else on the trip and will form deep and lasting bonds with other venturers from across the
globe, experience personal and collective pride for becoming the hero that they already are
and living mythic adventures greater than those from the stories they were told in
BADAS will offer both adventures for private individuals and as team building activities for
organizations worldwide.  

Chief Development BADAS

Co Founding Position

The Chief Development BADAS is a Co-Founder working as part of the founding team working closely
with the CEO in the development of the Business executing the BADAS business plan co-leading
strategic market entry in Austria, Europe and executing the BADAS Franchise Strategy wordwide- He is
responsible for achieving the BADAS mission, and generating rapid to hyper growth within the first three
years of the business.

The CDB is a deeply passionate professional with proven track record and 5-10 years of experience in
the Travel and other relevant industries. The CDB is a high performing - super driven individual who is

100% committed to the BADAS vision and mission. He is essential part of the company responsible for
its financial performance, driving growth.

The CBD is investing a small amount of his own capital into the company at beginning of his involvement.

The CDB manages key tasks in Strategic Business Development, Development of the Marketing and
Sales Department and Development and Implementation of Financial Controlling Systems. The CDB is
expected to work both as Executive and Middle Manager, working operatively in the first stage of the

With team leadership responsibilities the CDB is a skilled manager with a strong leadership skillset. He is
responsible for recruiting high performing talent and leads and creates results oriented high performing
performing teams, motivating and inspiring other staff to follow the BADAS pillars to create the BADAS
culture and workplace.

He manages and transforms conflicts effectively, has an open heart . He is:



BADAS Company Pillars

Every staff member is expected to follow the BADAS pillars within the business, in all business
interactions and in every interaction with potential clients and clients.

New staff will receive a detailed description of each Pillar during their Onboarding to the coolest Travel
Company in the world.


Accountability and Responsibility




The Best

Limitless Business

Recognition & Celebration

Authenticity, Vulnerability & Honesty





Customer Service


Key Responsibilities

Business Development

Travel Agency License / Travel Agency Development

Business Development & Strategic Planning

Investor Relations & Management

Development of Bookkeeping. Accounting. Controlling, Payroll

Compliance Management

Asset Management


Sales and Account Management


Key Account Management Distributors and Partners


Key Performance & Conversion Marketing in Development in liaison with CEO

Marketing Strategy

Development and Implementation of Customer Journeys and Key Performance Measurement

Development of Promotional Materials

Brand Strategy Execution & Brand Development in liaison with Chief Executive BADAS

KPI Indication, Monitoring, Evaluations

Sales and Key Account Management of Distribution Accounts

Annual Salary Range

(This position is a co founding position with equity share and profit distribution in the company)

Equity Range

15% — 25%

The CBD is investing a small amount of his own capital into the company , and will become one of 5
executive shareholders after transition to a GmbH in 2020 (Limited Liability Company)

Salary Range​ € 25 ,000 — € 30 ,000 EUR (depending on business success) on top of shares and profit
distribution depending on investment amount.

Please send us whatever you want to show us that you will be the best BADAS Game Lead on
earth to ​[email protected]  

Position is open until the best candidates are found. 

mailto:[email protected]

Chief Development BADAS

Co-Founder, Vollzeit
über 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2020