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BADAS Game Lead

BADAS Game Lead

BADAS overview: 
BADAS offers half-day hour to 3 week-Immersive Adventure Travel Treasure Hunts starting 
with a series of three half-day adventure travel treasure hunts in and around Vienna, Austria. 
Each treasure hunt is integrated into the BADAS game. Through immersive and interactive 
adventure travel treasure hunts, venturers (participants) aged 12+ experience emotionally, 
mentally and physically deeply engaging, stimulating and challenging adventures on which 
they discover the most beautiful destinations around the 
globe. Participants score points that they can use on other treasure hunts for clues and other 
advantages, such as discounts on further purchases. Venturers become part of the BADAS 
global community. Venturers on BADAS trips are connected to the magic in everything: in 
the natural environment and in the places and cultures they visit the places.  
Venturers will connect with themselves and others, will form deep and lasting bonds with 
other participants and build personal collective pride for their accomplishments.  
BADAS will offer both adventures for private individuals and as teambuilding activities for 
organizations with focus on corporations.  
BADAS Game Lead  
The BADAS Game Lead is an essential On-Trip leadership role responsible for facilitating and 
maintaining the BADAS Game on BADAS Trips.  
The Game Lead uses the BADAS Facilitation to facilitate all BADAS game activities and co 
facilitate activities alongside the BADAS Facilitators that engage and immerse venturers and 
applies each trip design and according activities, carrying out the BADAS mission: ​For every 
human being to discover the magic in themselves, in each other and in the world around 
them through deeply immersive and connective adventures. The BADAS Game Lead is 
responsible for facilitating the game environment, facilitate game activites, motivate, inspire 
and encourage venturers to become the greatest BADAS there is.   

- Multiple years of experience in facilitating Outdoor Education / Recreation and 
Leadership Programs and workshops preferably with Teenagers and Adults  

- Background in Recreation and/or Tourism  
- Experience guiding and facilitating recreational activities, outdoor activities, games 

and ideally treasure-hunts  

- Deep empathy and ability to connect with others 
- Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management Skills 
- Group Leadership Skills and ideally Team Leadership Skills 
- Preferably Experience in Game Design and Game Development  
- Experience in Facilitation of group process  
- Preferably Experience in Hiking, Climbing, and Mountain Biking 
- Preferably Guiding certification (For Example VAVOE certification) 
- Current and valid First Aid Certification, preferably Outdoor or Wilderness First Aid 
- Excellent Time Management, Trip Planning  
- Excellent Customer Service Skills 

Languages​: Fluent in English and German, preferably more languages  
The BADAs Game Lead is an extremely empathetic, inspired, motivated and creative 
individual that understands group process, individual process and has experience in leading 
and guiding groups of teenagers and adults through (transformative) activities.  
BADAS Game Leads are required to adopt the BADAS Pillars as BADAS staff.  
BADAS Company Pillars

1. Adventure
2. Accountability and Responsibility
3. Fun
4. Pride
5. Ownership
6. The Best
7. Limitless Business
8. Recognition & Celebration
9. Authenticity, Vulnerability & Honesty
10. Growth
11. Creativity
12. Innovation
13. Communication
14. Customer Service 



- Briefing with coordinator, facilitators and partners where relevant  
Promotion and Representation 

- Embody and represent BADAS brand in all interactions with BADAS staff, venturers, 
partners and everyone else the Game Lead comes into contact with 

- Represent BADAS values and brand cornerstones in all interactions  
- Customer Service on Trip - Prepare and give venturers information on BADAS, the 

BADAS Game, and direct venturers to information where relevant  
Game Lead 

- Faciltating and maintaining the BADAS Game under use of the BADAS Game Frame 
- Clear, Cohesive, Fun, deeply engaging, interactive, motivating, rewarding, 

heart-opening and motivating application of the BADAS Game frame 
- Leading BADAS Game elements on trip 
- Personal and touching engagements of clients  
- On Trip - Adaptation of adaptable activities where relevant  
- Story Leading - Acting, Facilitative Acting, Performance Acting, Performance  
- Creating, maintaining and adapting Space to Intentions of Trip and BADAS Game 

Frame, Group facilitation, and individual facilitation  
- On Trip Game Facilitation  
- Game Keeping: Keeping Records of game, scores, game elements and transmission of 

the the game deck 

CO Facilitation: 
- Co Facilitation with Trip Facilitator where required  
- Co Facilitation of technical activities such as climbing, hiking, light mountaineering 

(depending on location), mountain biking 

- Maintenance of a psychologically and physically safe environment  
- Respond to Emergency Situations where required and follow local legal protocol 

Group processes 
- Facilitating group process  
- Reading and guiding group process 
- Motivate, Encourage, inspire, and lead participants  
- Take pictures / videos / selfies / and other trip media when required  

Creative Facilitation  

- Creative Content Collection and Development for Trips  
- Infuse BADAS Trip with relevant content, games, activities where appropriate and 

- (Collecting and Compositions : Songs, Lyrics) where relevant 

BADAS Sales  

- As required engage in Consulting and Sales of clients 

Game Lead Client Evaluations  
- Formal and informal venturers evaluations 
- Transmission of evaluations and results in game deck 
- React and adapt to venturer and facilitator feedback and evaluations  

Training ​in BADAS Facilitation is provided.  
Contract​: This is an occasional position without collective agreement​ Mid May 2020 - 
October 2020 pending on measures in Austria and leisure flights at Vienna Airport 
with possibility of part time employment. 
Pay​: €14 / hour  
Please send us any material that shows us that you are the best fit for this position as well as 
copies of your certifications / licenses to ​[email protected]  
Position is open until the best candidate is found.  

mailto:[email protected]

BADAS Game Lead

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