World Speech Day 2018

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World Speech Day 2018 “Social entrepreneurship makes the difference”

The World Speech Day is all about inspiration and encouragement. “The only reason to make a speech is to change the world” stated J.F. Kennedy. Started 3 years ago, World Speech Day 2018 will be celebrated in 90 nations around the globe.

In Austria, we focus the World Speech Day on “Social Entrepreneurship”. Social Entrepreneurship has different faces, changes our society through its ethical behavior and matters for the better world. We give these entrepreneurs an open stage to share their stories, get the audience inspired and jointly releasing the “wisdom of crowds”.

What can you expect on the first World Speech Day 2018?

  • 6 – 8 Social Entrepreneurs, speaking for max. 10min about their businesses, what and why it matters for them, the economy and the society; followed by an open mic session.
  • Social Entrepreneurship impacts through day2day work: On stage, expect content rather than a show.
  • The possibility to share your thoughts and upcoming ideas with the other participants by the following cocktail.
  • The opportunity to network in the oldest Austrian Business Organisation, the Österreichische Gewerbeverein.

How to present your company

Each speaker has 7-9 minutes to present his/her company:

Please answer the following questions, they don’t have to be answered in that particular order!

  • Who are you?
  • What is the business idea all about?
  • Why did you found your company?
  • How does your business have a positive impact on our community/city/country?
  • What plans do you have for the future? (Only answer if you want to share that information)

If you want to show images or using a presentation, please send us your presentation till 11th of March in pptx. format.


Share your curiosity and your passion!
Inspire others!

Laughter is always welcome!

Let’s celebrate the first World Speech Day in Vienna by exchanging forward ideas.

Hard Facts

When? March 14, 2018
Where? Österreichischer Gewerbeverein, Palais Eschenbach | Eschenbachgasse 9/11, 1010 Vienna
Tickets at Eventbrite

Unterstütze unabhängigen und qualitativen Journalismus in Krisenzeiten. Die Unterstützung beginnt schon bei €1 und dauert nur wenige Minuten.

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