Vienna Pitch Training

18:00 - 20:00
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Are you struggling to communicate your business? Do you feel people don’t really understand you when you explain your idea and aren’t sure about how to simplify it?

The Vienna Pitch Training is a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, business owners come to improve the way they pitch their business.

A friendly place to practice your pitch, get feedback, and connect with other local entrepreneurs.


When you join the Vienna Pitch Training, you will learn to:

Eliminate confusion in your message by simplifying your ideas
Create interest in your audience so that they listen to your message
Get more people to buy from you without sounding „salesy“

Sounds good?

Great because it’s FREE!

Very limited seats, so please register.

Especially since when you register now, you’ll also get:

BONUS: Lifetime access to the super practical and useful The Perfect Pitch Workshop
BONUS: Access to a local community of fellow entrepreneurs and change makers through the private Vienna Pitch Training Facebook group
BONUS: Get the 22-page PDF guide that takes you step by step and shows you how to Simplify Your Message

Don’t wait for spaces to sell out, register now, and get immediate access to the bonuses.


18:00 Welcome
18:05 Introductory briefing to the ideal 30-second pitch
18:15 Participants Pitch & Get Feedback (Voluntary basis)
19:15 Wrap Up
19:30 Networking

Please join us 10 mins before so we can start on time:


Juan Guerra is a storytelling coach and pitch training working with companies, startup founders helping them unleash the power of their story.

Connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking >> here

Vienna Pitch Training

Practice. Improve. Connect.

PS: Pitching is voluntary, but it’s highly encouraged!

PS2: Do you know somebody who may benefit from joining us? Feel free to share it with them!

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