Vienna Computer Vision Meetup


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Zirkusgasse 13/2b, Vienna

Our Computer Vision Meetup group is all about sharing your experience!

We love image pre-processing, OCR, feature detection, opencv, cutting edge technology and so on!

We are just starting to host meetups at the awesome new office space “Die Manege” in Vienna’s 2nd district in November. We’ll have little hackathons, short presentations and definitely lots of beer, pizza and time to mingle and talk about your favourite language, platform or framework!

Do you have ideas, suggestions or want to do a talk?

Please reach out and let us know! Also – whether you’ve just started to dip into the fascinating Computer Vision world, or are a seasoned computer vision expert, stop by!

Your talks are welcome! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a topic you’d like to talk about or a project you want to present! –

Anyline is going to sponsor free drinks at the beginning of the evening.


  • 7pm: Everybody arrives and grabs a drink
  • 7.30pm:  Augmenting and protecting the human eye with Computer Vision by Christoph Götz
  • 8.15pm: Introduction to CoreML from iOS 11 by Daniel Albertini


Hard Facts

Wann? 5 Juli
Wo? Zirkusgasse 13/2b, Vienna
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Vienna Computer Vision Meetup