TEDxVienna 2019: ABOUT TIME

TEDxVienna 2019: About Time
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Throughout our existence, time is of the essence. When feeling good, we have the time of our lives, while particular challenges give us a rough time. At times our part- and full-time jobs make us feel like we live on borrowed time. Perhaps time to call it a day? And after each timeout we start again, one step at a time, staying focused on that one idea for the time being. But we as a whole are in a race against time and time is running out for solving some of our most pressing challenges.

It’s about time we took action and conjured up timely ideas for solutions to those challenges in the nick of time. And while some ideas might be ahead of their time, the best ones will surely stand the test of time.


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  • Sarah E. Hill // Research Psychologist
  • Oded Rechavi // Radical Science Researcher
  • Vera da Silva Sinha // Anthropologist

10 Years of TEDxVienna

2019 marks a decade of TEDxVienna, so it’s only natural that our 10-year anniversary conference is About Time.

We’ll explore time as a concept and the perception of it, while diving deep into topics of personal and global urgency, change and evolution. So get with the times and join us in discovering the many ideas About Time!

Hard Facts

When? October 19, 2019 | 10.00 am – 9.00 pm
Where? Museumsquartier, Halle E+G | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
Tickets by TEDxVienna
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