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Social Hackathon by refugees{code}

03.02.2018 - 04.02.2018
(c) refugees{code}: Der 24 h Social Hackathon
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Refugees{code} invites for a 24-hour Hackathon (= hacking marathon), in which participants, professionals, and students collaborate around fun and meaningful projects. We provide project descriptions, enough food and drinks, entertainment and a jury to reward extraordinary work.
Be quick with your application as there are only 60 tickets available.

*Register here:*


Work on a real social challenges or bring a project of your own.
Learn from others and try out new technologies (e.g. Arduino, RaspberryPi, .. )
Bring friends or join a team for interesting project collaboration.
A jury will award some prices to special results.
Some of the nicest facilities to work in, with food & drinks included.
A diverse and highly motivated community, with a Mario Karts Tournament.

*A guide through the Hackathon*

Come in and sign up for the Midnight Super Mario Karts tournament. The event is opened with a presentation of the social challenges we collected. Aso individuals can pitch their own challenge. Next the challenges are put on the table and teams can form according to interests and used technologies. There’s a place to borrow an Arduino or Raspberry Pi Kit. Now, for 24 hours, we work on projects, in teams or alone. Dinner is served, snacks are always around and in the morning, a nice breakfast gets us ready for the final sprint. After 24h each team can give a short demo on what they’ve worked on. The jury asks some questions, and some prices are awarded to special achievements.

*About challenges:*

There’s real need for technical solutions in social businesses and organizations. Also Austrian start-ups with a social mission can propose a problem that can be solved using technology.

Solutions will be published as open source, unless it’s someone’s personal project.

Hard Facts

When? 3rd – 4th February, 2018, 12am
Where? weXelerate, Pratersraße 1, 1020 Wien
See the facebook event here!

Unterstütze unabhängigen und qualitativen Journalismus in Krisenzeiten. Die Unterstützung beginnt schon bei €1 und dauert nur wenige Minuten.

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