Future of Work #2: How teal structures change how we work?


Future of Work
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The Future of Work: Due to the exponential speed of innovation, companies have to be very fast in order to get ahead of the competition. They need work processes and structures, which allow them to be responsive to quick market changes, customer as well as new employee expectations. Our current organizational structures, which derive from the time of the Industrial Revolution, make this kind of adaptability extremely challenging. Hierarchical structures slow down the decision making funnel and give decision-making to privileged groups.

Today’s employees wish for more impact, they need to see a purpose in what they are doing, which traditional structures cannot fulfill. This contributes to the sad statistics, according to which 85% of employees are disengaged at work worldwide. Teal organizations seem to provide a solution to both of these problems.


When we talk about teal organizations, we encounter oceans of buzzwords such as Holacracy, Sociocracy, adaptive, teal, self-organization, etc. During the meetup, we would like to bring some clarity to these buzzwords. What are the similarities and differences? How can one become an adaptive organization? We will address these and many more questions on January 31st.


The meetup will start with a panel discussion, which will be followed by a group discussion in World Café format. The panel aims to inspire and evoke thoughts for the following group work, about how new organizational models will change our work-lives. We would like to get to the core of the topic together with you and come up with implementable ideas/action steps for ourselves and/or for our organizations. Our goal is to come up with some bottom up and top down ways of transferring teams and even entire organizations. Join us in preparing a handbook, which can help us and others in making the first step toward becoming an adaptive organization.

Hard Facts

When? January 31, 2019 | 5.30 – 9.00 pm
Where? Austrian Standards | Heinestraße 38, 1020 Vienna
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Future of Work #2: How teal structures change how we work?