Fundraising 101 – How much money to raise?


(c) Florian Kandler
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  • Understanding the basics
    The amount you are rasing, your startup’s (pre-money and post-money) valuation, and the equity share you give up. And why it is important to keep a close eye on ALL THREE of those values.

  • The stage of your startup & the amount you will get
    How it influences the amount of money you will be able to (and want to) raise.

  • Typical amounts you will get for your startup
    What are the amounts business angels or VCs typically invest? And why you will be (and want to be) in those ranges.

  • How much money you should raise
    How you figure out how much money you need and should raise. And how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes founders do.

  • Live Q&A for answers to all YOUR questions
    Join this live session, and get your questions answered! Get new inputs that will help you get on the right fundraising track! I’m looking forward to seeing you live in the training!

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Fundraising 101 – How much money to raise?