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The aaia (Austrian Angel Investors Association) and AustrianStartups are continuing the awesome event series „Vertical Uncovered“. These events feature selected statups from specific industry sectors. Through this format, you will not only have the chance to meet suitable investors for your startup but also raise funds at the same time! In this edition of the bimonthly happening, we will focus on FinTech.

The agenda includes a “Lightning Talk”, giving insights on investment volumes, international hubs, current deals and future trends of the respective vertical market. Following the 15-minutes talk, selected FinTech startups will pitch their business ideas to potential investors.

We are inviting all Austrian FinTechs to apply. aaia’s selection of the startups will focus on projects that are at least investment-ready and therefore either have a proof of concept or a functioning prototype. If you think that this description fits your startup, feel invited to apply right now!

INVITATION ONLY! Apply by December 3rd and pitch at the invitation-only event >>

Hard Facts

Wann? 12. Dezember 16:00 – 18:00
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