CALL: FED4SAE – Federation for Smart Anything Everywhere

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Accelerating European CPS Solutions to Market Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

FED4SAE: Third open call for Application Experiments – Up to €58K funding, technical and business coaching available to support European companies to develop smart applications.

Through the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, the European Commission is helping digitize European industry. FED4SAE is part of this strategy, targeting a large network of ‘small’ companies (startups, small/medium enterprises and midcaps), including both technology specialists and low-tech companies.

We are looking for companies that want to:

  • Develop novel and innovative smart solutions to take a leading position in their target markets.
  • Use the most advanced technologies and industrialized solutions to link the physical world with the virtual world in combining hardware and software expertise.
  • Gain premium access to resources, competencies and reduce development time.
  • Enter into a unique European ecosystem gathering leading industrial companies, world-class research organizations, innovation accelerators and private investors.

To do this, FED4SAE offers companies:

  • Product support via industrial platforms – existing products provided by market leaders (AVL, Intel, ST and Thales) – in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems that can bring the innovation to a state of maturity.
  • Technical expertise via advanced platforms by RTOs (BME, CSEM, Digital Catapult, Fraunhofer IISB, fortiss, KTH, Unican) – either innovative technical solutions or testbeds – which will add value to the product.
  • Innovation management – focusing on business – to help your innovation get to the market via the FED4SAE and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem.
  • Up to €58,000 in funding – representing 70% of the declared budget in your proposal.

FED4SAE welcomes proposals addressing one of our focus areas or any other smart application domain (mobility, city, health & well-being, industry, agriculture, food, etc.). They shall be pan-European, allowing awarded companies to collaborate cross-border with the providers of our industrial and advanced platforms. FED4SAE is already supporting 16 projects with SMEs coming from all over Europe and is looking forward to granting 15 additional experiments.

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Hard Facts

Until when? March 5, 2019
Where from? EU
More information and application on

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