Interview from the Braintribe Christmas Party & Tribespace preview with the founder Stefan Ebner, his Tribekids Co-Founder & founder of Business College Austria, Mario Kwas, as well as lab members Lukas Ertl from United Smart CitiesAndre Felker, strategic adviser von KreiselUllrich Granser, board member of Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER), and Anet Londová, Co-Founder of EduTech Moonshot Pirates.

+++ Braintribe-Founder Stefan Ebner über seine Fehler auf dem Weg zum Erfolg +++

Tribespace is the evolution of co-working: co-creation. Together new things are created and prototypes are built. Tribespace is focussing on enabling the cooperation between corporates and startups that will work together on creating and developing new ideas in the Tribespace area. Find out more about this exciting concept in the video.