This is a secret ticket reservation link only for invited guests of can purchase your tickets bellow.

We’ll send more details about the exact location as we draw closer to the date (we do this to avoid crasher).

Here you can purchase your ticket. Ticket sales go to covering the cost of event. is a powerful event model that brings together founders, investors of the best and most influential startups from Silicon Valley and Europe. The upcoming event in Vienna this will bring the founders of WordPress, Cruise Automation, Samasource, Google Analytics/Voice, Gusto, Disqus, and Product Hunt. The event is off-the-record to enable candid and unique content (you won’t be able to find these talks on YouTube or from other events), and invite-only to ensure high quality networking and small ratios for private meetings with speakers. The program includes group and private mentor sessions for customized advice and networking between speakers and attendees. was started by Audrey Kim and Michael Ströck. Audrey is a US-citizen whose work background includes Google, the United Nations and Y Combinator. Michael is the founder and CEO of Kochabo.

Quotes from attendees:

  • It was a truly inspiring event…actually the best one I have ever attended!”
  • “The most impressive and inspiring lineup of speakers ever seen on a founders event!”
  • Tweet from Oliver Holle (SpeedInvest) @oholle on March 9: “OK, this is a *must* for all